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Who are we?

INBUSS is a Hungarian software company, founded in 2004.

Over the years, we accumulated considerable experience and knowledge that will help us provide our customers with high-quality, flexible and quick to serve. Problem-oriented thinking is important for us to always understand our clients' business needs. We can think together and our goal is to solve your real problem with the most appropriate solution / method / technology.

INBUSS Ltd. is committed to open standards and technologies. We use open source software and open standards in our work and we don't support vendor lock in. We believe in the real competition, based on our high-quality solutions and reliable services.

The major areas of our activity:

  • design and development of custom IT services based on Java technologies:
    • web applications
    • Client-server applications
  • infrastructure portfolio (based on open source components and open standards)
    • Single Sign-On solutions
    • Identity and Access Management
    • Collaboration
    • LDAP solutions
    • Database servers
    • web and application servers
    • software lifecycle management solutions

We are working on a variety of proven technologies in these areas, but we are always open to new, as yet unknown technologies. We always try to choose the right and up-to-date technology to solve your problem. We are able to meet your needs ranging from stand-alone solutions to high-availability (or site-redundant) and scalable, load-critical systems planning, design and implementation.

Identity Management

You have a heterogeneous IT environment with different user stores (AD, LDAP, SQL,...). You need to match this accounts to humans (or systems) and organize them to virtual identities. The lifecycles of these accounts are driven by HR and managed with workflows.

Key features:
  • provisioning
  • reconciliation of differences
  • workflow support
  • role management and role mapping
  • prompt revocation of access
  • detect the manually created accounts
  • reporting
  • adapter modules between IDM and resources

Authentication and Single Sign-On

You can use passwords, certificates, HW tokens, OTP for authentication and you can store this information in different systems: local stores (typically file) / AD / LDAP / SQL / NoSQL.

You would like to consolidate your authentication mechanisms and systems (if it is possible) or synchronize your passwords / certs / tokens and the change policies.

We use SAML / OpenID / OpenID Connect / OAuth standards to support single sign-on for your applications.

Authorization and Access Management

You use authorization to determine which functions are allowed for a given user. You can implement access management in different level of your infrastructure:

  • network
  • proxy
  • application container
  • framework
  • inside the application

IDM can support your access management with role management, or you can use different authentication levels to access different resources.

Application development

We design and develop web applications and client-server applications using a variety of proven technologies.

We believe in business driven development. If we understand your business, your vision, your problems, then we can make the right decisions and choose the best technologies.

Software Lifecycle Management

An online service is not only a software, but also a complex solution. If your business depends on your software, then you need multiple environments (PROD / TEST / EDU / DEV) with a well defined release process.

We design and deploy the whole software environment with lifecycle management and monitoring.

Key components:

  • version control
  • source code analysis
  • automatic build and deploy
  • issue tracking
  • monitoring

Major References


  • Magyar Telekom
  • Telenor
  • Vodafone
  • MATRIX Vizsgáló, Ellenőrző és Tanúsító Kft.


  • Allianz Hungária Zrt.
  • Budapest Stock Exchange

Information Technology

  • T-Systems
  • ForgeRock Ltd.
  • Avnet Ltd.
  • Breona Ltd.
  • Drótposta Ltd.
  • Lufthansa Systems Ltd.
  • Microsec Ltd.
  • Sun Microsystems


  • DHL Exel Supply Chain Ltd
  • SecTran Ltd


  • Hungarian National Asset Management Inc.
  • Lechner Non-profit Ltd.
  • The Office of the Hungarian National Assembly
  • Mayor's Office of Miskolc
  • Local Government of Salgótarján


  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Schönherz Dormitory
  • Keleti Károly Közgazdasági Szakközépiskola
  • Verebély László Szakközépiskola és Szakiskola


  • BIT Security Ltd.
  • Pentolt Ltd.
  • Budapest Sewage Works Ltd.
  • Soltész+Soltész Ltd.


We are working on a variety of proven technologies, but we are always open to new, as yet unknown technologies. We always try to choose the right and up-to-date technology to solve your problem.

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